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by Malone

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Closure 03:30
Oona 03:58
In Situ 03:35
in situ. come and take me by the hand, i want you to. it's the one thing i need now, and i wanted you. don't try at all and still it works, did you think your life could change like this at all? to leave me after all. hell yeah, this is what i feel inside, hell yeah, it's something i can't deny, cuz sometimes i am alive. come and lead me by my mind, and fuck with it. and i keep you holding on, cuz we're meant to be. we fall because we're way too young, and you kept me holding on to be used. to leave me after all, to need me after all. nothing feels so good except the way you want to love me.
Born Ready 02:28
born ready. another wants away, a funny sunny day, i recognise these lies i see it on your face. did you call for something? you don't 'get' my feelings, so stay away or this will learn you real good. we try, and we try. the bitch will have her price, as she is so shallow, go fall in love and fall apart before the air goes. oh, no you're never right inside, cuz you keep our love alive. hopeless, inquisition, again.
Gunfight 03:38
Lonely Tears 03:56
Regard With Caution: and you go the same way, think of how to make you pay ~ go and find yourself, you can't be someone else, your life is somewhere else ~ baby everybody fucks but we all don't think it's good - the hope in your eyes doesn't mean i wont kill you, never mind what's on your mind - speak the truth! and dream for another one, as your love moves on, it keeps you and goes on.
Love Is A Myth: hold on to, what's in you, you might find they lied ~ i wish i could, just be that good, you know i tried ~ when you go, we don't know, if we'll meet again, but the hardest part, the part thats from the heart, i don't want to meet again ~ i wish i could, just be that good, you know i tried, we don't want this, can't control it, a part of you died, when all of you lied ~ you know it
Savvy 03:21
Savvy: it's hard to know, when compassion goes, so beautiful, locked away from light, i don't get that feeling, love i don't believe in, love i know, it will change my mind ~ when the summer wants to know, who will meet and who will show ~ start again, tired or excited? thoughts are all, thinking of your smile, i live for that feeling, loneliness receding, love i know, it will help my life, it will change my mind. hold your, keep your, you are, hold on until. the savvy things, we wish we'd done, make us feel, it was all done wrong, we'll never run, we'll keep it on
Date 03:13
Date: you and me are getting on, this is free - don't wanna hurt no one. i'm sure you feel the same, no pain... wanted this for oh so long, i needed this - you make me feel so strong again, you do, it's me for you ~ cuz we will see the last one, and always miss the first one ~ show promise, will you fulfill your dreams? potential, you're always in my dreams. i'm not alone, i'm on my own.


Free compilation album, covering Malone's first 4 releases.


released January 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Malone Birmingham, UK

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