Retro EP1

by Malone

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Debut EP from Matt Malone. Former Season and Lonestate front man.
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released October 16, 2011


all rights reserved



Malone Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: Savvy
it's hard to know, when compassion goes, so beautiful, locked away from light, i don't get that feeling, love i don't believe in, love i know, it will change my mind ~ when the summer wants to know, who will meet and who will show ~ start again, tired or excited? thoughts are all, thinking of your smile, i live for that feeling, loneliness receding, love i know, it will help my life, it will change my mind. hold your, keep your, you are, hold on until. the savvy things, we wish we'd done, make us feel, it was all done wrong, we'll never run, we'll keep it on
Track Name: Now I Know
Now I Know:
you had another chance, you had another world, you didn't take a chance, just like i said you would, then you went away, to perfect your life, and you keep telling me, that it wasn't right, you never said you would, i kinda did assume, oh and i waste my life, as i fell in love with you ~ where'd you go, do you keep it now i know, do you keep it now i know, and you love him down inside, when you lied, do you keep it now i know, do you see him now i know ~ oh when you go again, and yeah you know, and you keep him there, cuz you love him and it shows, you know, you know, then there was a time, you believed in night, and you kept telling me, that it wasn't right ... do you love him now i know
Track Name: Lava
something big is here, and i hope that something big is here for love. take my vital signs and relieve my mind, will you please forgive me now? there's a time and a way and it's all around, i gave you time, i gave you space, when you come around, it's the way you love me now. there's no other way, it's the way you love me ~ can i, don't think i should, i'm an airtight love. i'll indulge myself, worry for my health, will you please forgive me now?
Track Name: 12:34
will there come a time when you're off my mind, changing life not holding on to something pure, will i realise beauty never dies, wish i was the one to keep you safe these days ~ i want to be the one, i'll be there, belong to people's love, i'll be there ~
not to compromise - find something that's right, seemed the way to go but these years i'm alone, thank the ones that try keep me entertained, though i cannot help i'm looking for the source, yeah i didn't think the way it looks outside.
Track Name: Comfort Sex
Comfort Sex:
how can you think when there's nothing left to say. i'm conscious of the words that you give away, how can you lie when there's nothing left to do. i'm conscious of the way that i think of you, how do you cope when i want to know the truth. i've always thought the worst, and believed in you! you make it so hard, and you try...
Track Name: Date
you and me are getting on, this is free - don't wanna hurt no one. i'm sure you feel the same, no pain... wanted this for oh so long, i needed this - you make me feel so strong again, you do, it's me for you ~ cuz we will see the last one, and always miss the first one ~ show promise, will you fulfill your dreams? potential, you're always in my dreams. i'm not alone, i'm on my own.
Track Name: Be Nice
Be Nice:
life at play, it keeps you far away, and i dont know how ill cope, but ill try. can i say, that i'll more than try, i haven't felt so good so long, and it will not end ~ when you fall for her, you'll be nice all the time, and/but there's something there there's something there ~ what a test, for our hearts and minds, nothing else matters today, and it's cool. promises, that will follow through, i hope you know that i'm for real, and that i love you. your head's on a wire, you'll be home again

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