Retro EP2

by Malone

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Another collection of Bsides and unused ideas from over the years.


released February 28, 2017

Some bass: Nuno Lourenco.


all rights reserved



Malone Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: Gunfight
Can you tell when, when your best friend, when he wants to fly away.
And the woman, after 3 years, will make him fly away.

And when the anger takes your heart and tells it.

In demand but you're not coping with it, to pretend that you're coping with it, I'm not coping with this.

Does your Mother make your prouder, does your Daddy die today?
All the feelings that were for you, does your Daddy die again?

All the feelings, for your loved ones, all the lonely, it makes it homely.
And the big plans, for your master plan, it's all this I know.
Track Name: Lonely Tears
It's the way it feels, when all your feelings are alive, a lonely tear will hit your eye, and hit your heart - so we strike a deal, and hold our heads up higher than we did.

Cut high, or cut loose, the fucking fear will capture you, be bright, stay true, is it/still too much for you?

Hold tight and don't lose, there's a way, there's a view, a forward life and a thousand sensuals. The tears will stop, be strong, get/stay tough, a forward life and a thousand sensuals.

Because you wanted too, is all you need, to justify, no one has broke you, it's all in your head but you've been pushed to this.

How will you cope, when you feel you're on your own, that the world's left you alone, and none of this is your control.
Track Name: Without Hope Or Agenda
Would you fight for me? People keep leaving, I can't stop it and I'm loosing count. Cause I've never had a one night stand, and I wish I'd had a one night stand.

I don't want to sleep, it's scaring me, I don't want to wake up alone. And you'll never find what's on my mind, I'm hopeless when I fight with you.

Fuck a thousand men, that isn't cool.

Without hope or agenda.
Track Name: Keep Calm
Nothing comes from agitate, give a damn you're running late, can you filter your feeings?

I understand what you had planned, what a shame you had to go, I'm planning the same, I'm the villain now, the pain wont keep you calm.

Damn this, hold your moral's and you'll go when I say.
Track Name: I Don't Remember Her
Holding 15 minds, I'm fucking all the time, try to believe this, cuz you know all the parts. Heat will cure the wound again, keep it smashing to the wall, you're in. Don't let the vital kind out, your casual things, they're running.

When the day comes, and it always does, I don't remember her.
When she leaves your mind, she left you behind, I don't remember her.

Fuck the social line, I'm in it all the time, finding out when it is far below.
Calm down, slow down, breathe in - your dead. Don't let the votal kind in, your casual things, they're running.

I want to feel you're everything, your social skills they are lacking, with heightened hope and much regret...
Track Name: Audition For Romance
Waking up on the floor, we are fine. Bring it on, face the world by my side.

Sun comes up to see what's wrong, but we are fine. Where's this girl I'm dreaming of?

Nothing wrong, but nothing's right, out of time. Audition for romance on my mind, I'm out of time.

Where, we will find our place. We'll find out, we'll find out, yeah we'll find out.

Give me something, I want more, that ain't right. I can't be content with my life.
Track Name: Anything That You Want
Anything that you want, you can have - you know that you.
Anything that you need, you can't have - you know that you.

Anything, anything, anything.

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